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Thorough Examination

Tips for a Successful Thorough Examination

Did you know that your forklift tipping skip needs to undergo a periodic Thorough Examination (every 12 months) to make sure it is still fit for purpose and meets the necessary legal standards

Having your tipping skip undergo a Thorough Examination may be a little concerning, when not knowing if it is going to pass or not as this can lead to possible downtime for your waste handling operations.  To help alleviate some of this concern we have put together our top tips to ensure a successful Thorough Examination

What Is A Thorough Examination ?

A bit like a car MOT, a Thorough Examination is a ‘health check’ to ensure your skip attachment  is still safe to use and fit for purpose.  The process itself is very straightforward, we would arrange to collect your tipping skip and carry out a full examination.  Any remedial work that would be required to bring your tip skip back to full working order would be discussed with you before being carried out.  We then deliver your tipping skip back to you in a fully compliant state with an up to date Thorough Examination certificate and report

Why Does My Tipping Skip Need a Thorough Examination ?

Under LOLER 98 and PUWER 98, it's your legal responsibility to ensure that your forklift tipping skip remains compliant with the latest health and safety requirements by ensuring it undergoes a Thorough Examination every 12 months.  Your forklift tipping skip should be routinely inspected for any damage, defects or issues that may impact its safe usage and performance.

As we are CFTS accredited, we are in the perfect position to carry out this Through Examination for you

Top Tips For A Successful Examination

Regular Tipping Skip Maintenance

Regularly checking your forklift tipping skip for any signs of damage in between each Thorough Examination by :

  • Carrying out a visual inspection before and after use
  • Ensuring all moving parts of the tip skip are oiled and greased

Appropriate Usage Of The Tipping Skip

Finding other ways to use your forklift tipping skip other than its intended purpose can put unnecessary strain and stress on the tipping skips components. Its important that you use your forklift tipping skip for its intended purpose only and in accordance with the operating instructions supplied 

Avoid Overloading Your Tipping Skip

It's tempting to try and fill your forklift skip with as much waste and debris as possible, but consideration must be taken in terms of the skips SWL limit as overloading can cause excess wear and tear. All forklift tipping skips should come with a rating plate that indicates the SWL limit of the skip

Operator Training

To ensure the forklift skip is used to its best ability, operators should be trained in all aspects of using the tipping skip correctly, which will then ensure any errors, which could result in  damage, can be kept to a minimum


If your forklift tipping skip is due its annual Thorough Examination, or you are not sure of your legal responsibilities then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team, who will be more than happy to help

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