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Forklift Skip Shop

Stainless Steel Tipping Skips

A range of forklift tipping skips and tipping bins manufactured entirely from stainless steel.  Primarily for use in the Foods & Drink industry, these forklift skips are ideal for any industry where corrosion resistance and minimisation of contamination is vital.  Due to the 'spark-proof' nature of these forklift skip bins, this range of forklift skips are also ideally suited for use in hazardous and explosive atmospheres where ATEX certification maybe required

To help you determine which tipping bin you'll need, please see below a summary of the sizes;

 Capacity O/all Length  O/all Width  O/all Height 
400 Litre   (0.4m3) 1360mm   (4'5") 925mm   (3') 776mm   (2'5")
800 Litre   (0.8m3) 1718mm   (5'6") 960mm   (3'1") 982mm   (3'2")
1200 Litre   (1.2m3) 1718mm   (5'6") 1200mm   (4') 982mm   (3'2")
1600 Litre   (1.6m3) 1718mm   (5'6") 1700mm   (5'6") 982mm   (3'2")
2000 Litre   (2.0m3) 1718mm   (5'6") 2125mm   (6'10") 982mm   (3'2")