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Forklift Skips - Colour Coding

Coloured forklift skips

Using different colours to help employees correctly segregate waste based on its material type is becoming increasingly recognised as one of the most efficient ways for businesses to ensure they’re operating efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely.   

Forklift skips can be labelled a specific colour, or they can be manufactured to the colours set out by the Institution of Civil Engineers, such as black for mixed general waste that can’t be recycled, blue for metals, green for wood, and brown for cardboard and paper waste.

While using this colour scheme isn’t mandatory in all industries, it’s widely accepted as the standard for businesses handling waste. It can reduce risks associated with having wrongly coloured skips, for example having a brown skip on-site which is used to contain metal waste materials.  

While our forklift tipping skips are manufactured and supplied in yellow as standard, you can choose from a range of colours based on your individual requirements and preferences, and to make your waste segregation easier than ever before.

If you don’t require the waste segregation colouring for your forklift skips, but are looking to keep things ‘on brand’, we can also work with you to develop a colour scheme that matches your own branding and aesthetics. Simply contact us or use the online form to speak to a member of our expert technical design team, who would be more than happy to help.


 Ref: Considerate Constructors Scheme, May 2017
  Gypsum gypsum and plasterboard products
  Inert clean concrete, rubble, brick & block, hardcore etc
  Mixed General  Waste any waste except contaminated waste that cannot be recycled in other skips on the site
  Metal all types of clean metal, including rebar off cuts, scrap metal (no empty paint tins as these are considered hazardous)
  Wood all types of clean, untreated timber or wood products (treated timbers may contain hazardous preservatives)
  Packaging cardboard, paper products etc (not polythene sheeting or ties, this should go in the 'mixed' skip
  Hazardous only for contaminated waste such as asbestos, paint tins, mastic tubes, tarmac or any product fitted with a COSHH label etc