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Does Your Tipping Skip Need A Thorough Examination?

Does Your Tipping Skip Need A Thorough Examination?

In this article we set out to answer common questions raised surrounding forklift tipping skips and the requirement for Thorough Examination, so without further delay lets jump straight into it


What is Thorough Examination?

The best way to describe Thorough Examination is to compare it to that of a cars MOT. Just like your car needs a routine inspection every 12 months to ensure its roadworthiness, your forklift tipping skip will need a similar inspection to ensure its condition is fit for use. A Thorough Examination will certify that at time of testing, all components on your forklift skip that relates to safety have been formally inspected and assessed as being in a safe condition


Is Thorough Examination a legal requirement?

Yes, under both LOLER 98 and PUWER 90 your forklift skip would require a Thorough Examination by law.


As a user of forklift tipping skips, what are my obligations?

Every forklift skip you have in service must have a current report of Thorough Examination. The only exception would be brand new tipping skips, although these must also be subject to a Thorough Examination at some point within a year of their purchase.

Your Thorough Examination document must be headed 'Report of Thorough Examination' and it must comply with Schedule 1 of LOLER 98.


Who is responsible for obtaining the Report of Thorough Examination?

Responsibility for obtain the report of Thorough Examination would rely with you, the user of the forklift skip.  Failure to obtain this report could put you at risk of prosecution by the HSE. 


How often must a Thorough Examination on my forklift skips be carried out?

For attachments such as forklift tipping skips, a Thorough Examination must be carried out every 12 months. 


How do I obtain a Thorough Examination for my forklift skips?

A Report of Thorough Examination can be obtained for your forklift tipping skip by contacting any CFTS (Since 2004, CFTS has been the adopted standard for Thorough Examinations) accredited company.   We for example are such a company and can carry out Thorough Examination on both the skips we manufacture and supply as well as forklift skips that are manufactured by other companies.



We hope this article helps make things a little clearer when it comes to forklift tipping skips and Thorough Examination. If you would like to discuss your Thorough Examination requirements further, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team, who will be more than happy to help    


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