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5 Ways Forklift Tipping Skips Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Forklift Tipping Skips Can Benefit Your Business

Forklift tipping skips are one of the most popular forklift attachments on the market, and there is a very good reason for that, they are one of the most efficient ways of handling waste whilst utilising a forklift truck.  If you are unsure whether a forklift tipping skip can benefit your business, then in this blog article we have put together 5 different ways a forklift skip can benefit your business


Assist With Environmental Segregation


With the majority of companies now working towards various standards to help improve environmental issues, segregating your factory waste has never been more important. By utilising a 'colour coding' system in your company waste disposal stream, tipping skips can play an important role in helping to segregate this waste. With forklift skips being available in an assortment of different colours, this can be a very effective way of segregating your waste whilst ensuring your operating efficiently and cost effectively.

Whilst its not a mandatory requirement in all industries, when forklift tipping skips are colour coded to a particular scheme, like set out by the Institution of Civil Engineers for example, it can certainly help with avoiding risks associated with having incorrectly coloured skips and the subsequent incorrect material deposited into them (i.e. having a Brown forklift skip used to contain metal waste materials)

Whatever colour coding scheme you follow, forklift skips can play an important role in meeting your environmental obligations or goals

Reduce Odours & Help With Pest Control

It's never pleasant having a strong odour in the air, especially when customers are present. Many types of waste when left can generate such odours, which is why storing your waste in a forklift skip that has a lid fitted is  a good solution. Many forklift skips on the market can be supplied with lockable lids, that not only help reduce odours but can also hep keep on top of your pest control

Rats and other vermin thrive in waste, so keeping such waste locked away in a lidded forklift skip is one way to keep these pests at bay 


Help Keep Working Areas Clear

Working in a cluttered area can not only reduce staff moral, but can also pose a serious risk or hazard. Keeping a clean working space not only helps improve work efficiency but can also reduce potential accidents.

By placing forklift tipping skips at strategical points throughout the factory, working areas can be kept clear whilst also allowing for an efficient and safe method of waste removal via your forklift truck

Reduce NVA (Non Value Activity)

Productivity is an ever so important measure when it comes to ensuring the success of a business, which is why NVA (Non Value Activity) needs to be kept to a minimum.

Staff members that routinely have to empty bins or man-handle wheelie bins that are overfilling with waste is a task that not only adds no value to the business, but also can greatly affect their own work efficiency.

Utilising forklift tipping skips into your waste stream can not only offer a safe and speedy alternative to an otherwise labour intensive task, but can also help with increased productivity whist keeping on top of your Health & Safety obligations

Reduce Contamination

In certain industries where contamination needs to be kept to the absolute minimum, such as the Foods & Drink industry, collecting and disposing of your waste using Stainless Steel tipping skips can have a huge benefit.  Not only does  forklift skips provide an efficient way of disposing of such waste, but due to the corrosion resistance and pitting resistance properties of stainless steel forklift skips, any contamination and resultant incurred cost to business can be reduced significantly


We hope the above has offered some useful insights as to why forklift tipping skips should be considered in your material handling operations. If you would like to discuss any potential requirements then please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01686 611200 or - We'd be more than happy to help






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