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4 reasons why you should choose a galvanised steel skip

4 reasons why you should choose a galvanised steel skip

Galvanised steel is known for its robustness and longevity, offering numerous advantages over other materials. 

This type of steel has been specially treated with a protective zinc coating to help prevent rust. 

Choosing a galvanised steel skip has multiple benefits for industries such as construction, automotive, and telecommunications. 

Here are the reasons why you should choose one over other options available to you. 

Reasons why you should use a galvanised steel skip 

1. Galvanised steel is strong and reliable 

Compared with other steel types, galvanised steel has many of the same properties, like impact, strength, and bend. However, there is one big difference: galvanised steel doesn’t rust. 

The interaction between rust and weathering can lead to the failure of structures made from untreated steel.

2. Low cost 

Galvanised steel is a lot more cost-friendly than other types of treated steel. When steel is coated with specialist treatments, the work can be labour-intensive, which results in a higher cost. 

3. Low maintenance 

Galvanised steel requires less maintenance compared to other kinds of coated steel, so this ensures that you have a tip that doesn’t require as much upkeep as other types. 

4. Long-lasting

Skips that are made from galvanised steel will last longer than other steel types. Structures built from this material are said to last longer than 50 years, typically. 

The galvanising process and its benefits 

Galvanising steel is a relatively quick process where steelwork is dipped into molten zinc, which forms a reliable and durable coating on the steel. 

The steel must be prepped before it’s dipped. It should be corrosion—and grease-free, so it’ll be cleaned, then rinsed, and fluxed. From here, it is dipped into molten zinc at 450 °C and left to cool. 

Hot-dip galvanising creates zinc-iron alloy layers that are formed by a metallurgical bond between the two elements, and this strong bond between the steel and the coating ensures rust protection. 

Galvanising steel protects against rust and corrosion, offers cathodic protection, and enhances its longevity. 

Durability, cost efficiency and sustainability

As we’ve pointed out, galvanised steel is highly durable and ensures that your skip will last a long time. This is hugely beneficial as it can greatly reduce environmental and economic costs over time. The cost efficiency of using galvanised steel tips means that you have a product that will span decades of use.  

Galvanised steel skips are highly sustainable products, too, here’s why: 

  • The galvanising process uses lots of natural resources, which means there isn’t a huge environmental impact. 
  • Galvanised steel can easily be recycled, it can also be re-galvanised if needed. 
  • The prolonged life of the steel lowers the environmental and economic costs. 
  • Long-term protection of the steel provides cost-efficiency benefits for a long time. 

Why you should choose a galvanised steel skip 

Galvanised steel skips have multiple advantages over other tips thanks to the galvanising process, which protects the steel from rusting. This ensures that you have a tip that is reliable, durable, cost-efficient and sustainable. 

Get in touch today if you need any assistance with choosing the right galvanised steel skip for your business. 

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