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6 forklift tipping skip consumables you need

6 forklift tipping skip consumables you need

Forklifts serve as an effective solution to waste management, disposal, and transportation of various materials. 

However, there are certain things you need to purchase to ensure your tipping skip remains in top condition and meets the needs of your business. 

Today, we will walk through six consumables and parts that will increase productivity and safety and reduce downtime in the workplace. Browse our products for high-quality tipping skips, designed for every task.

6 skipping tip consumables and parts you need

1. Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic systems power the tipping function of many forklift skips. 

Checking and replacing the hydraulic oil is vital to ensure the tipping skip runs smoothly. This acts as a lubricant and a medium through which power is transferred to tip the skips. 

This also prevents corrosion and cools the system to prevent wear and tear. Opt for hydraulic oil that adheres to the specifications of your tipping skip to avoid degrading the system. 

2. Tipping handle

The tipping handle is an integral part of a tipping skip. 

This allows the skip to be manually operated and moved for efficiency. However, these can be worn down quickly due to frequent use, therefore they need to be replaced once damaged. 

Storing spare handles ensures that your skips can always be operated safely and effectively. Regularly inspect your handles for corrosion, physical damage, or undue wear. Lubricate them often to prevent rust. 

3. Lubricants and greases

As mentioned above, frequent lubrication is key to preventing rust and wear and tear on moving parts. 

To protect your tipping skip, invest in heavy-duty lubricants and apply them on hinges, locking mechanisms, and pivot points to ensure they operate smoothly and resist corrosion.

4. Safety security chain

The safety security chain is a crucial component of a forklift tipping skip. This allows the skip to be attached to a forklift for security and safety, preventing dislodgment during the lifting or tipping process. 

You should check the safety security chain regularly and replace it immediately if any signs of compromise are inspected. This will prevent the risk of spillage, property damage, and injury to site personnel. 

5. Wear plates

Wear plates act as a barrier by absorbing any stress or friction during loading, unloading, and transportation of materials. 

Over time, these plates can wear down, requiring replacement. This is more cost-effective than having to repair the skip due to damage. 

If you notice any cracking, splitting, or deformation of the plates, replace them immediately. This process is quick and simple. 

6. Caster wheels (for mobile skips)

Caster wheels allow a skip to be transported easily by manually wheeling it across the ground. This is ideal for industries which require frequent relocation of materials.

These are designed to handle the heavy load of tipping skips whilst remaining stable and easily movable. Regularly check your old caster wheels for wear and tear, ensuring they rotate and roll smoothly. 

Replacement caster wheels should be durable and suitable for your operating environment and meet the requirements of your tipping skip. 

Invest in long-lasting consumables with Forklift Skip Market

At Forklift Skip Market, we sell a range of forklift tipping skips and parts to ensure your business operates smoothly and efficiently. 

Designed with robust materials, our forklift skips and consumables are durable and easy to operate. Whether you’re looking for a packaging skip or an auto-release kit, we have everything you need for a successful day on the job.

Browse our products today for equipment you can rely on. 

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