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The benefits and uses of telehandler skips: Tips for choosing the right one

The benefits and uses of telehandler skips: Tips for choosing the right one

Forklift skips are beneficial to a range of industries, and our telehandler skip is no exception. 

With their sturdy design and strength, these are great for projects which require the manoeuvring of various materials and heavy loads. 

Today, Forklift Skip Market will walk you through the benefits and uses of telehandler skips to help you enhance your workplace productivity. 

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What are telehandler skips?

Telehandler skips are large, durable containers that can be attached to the lifting arm of a telehandler. 

The three types of skip include: 

  • Self-dumping skips: These include an auto-mechanism, which causes the skip to tip once it reaches a certain height, emptying the contents. 
  • High-tipping skips: High-tipping skips are popular for their versatile design that enables them to lift and tip their contents over walls or into containers.
  • Side-tipping skips: These are designed to tip their load to the side, which is useful in spaces where forward tipping isn’t possible. 

The benefits of telehandler skips

There are various benefits of telehandler skips, which make them popular in construction, agriculture, and industrial settings. 

This includes: 

  • Increased efficiency: Quick and easy transportation and dumping of materials allow tasks to get done quicker, minimising the need for manual handling.
  • Enhanced safety: The deduction of manual handling prevents the risk of injuries related to carrying, lifting, and moving heavy loads. Their robust design also prevents the risk of spills or falls. 
  • Versatility: From debris to soil and aggregates, telehandler skips can handle a wide variety of materials. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Telehandler skips reduce the need for different machinery as they can handle a wide range of tasks. Their durability also saves money on repairs and replacements. 
  • Space efficiency: Side tipping skips are ideal for warehouses or sites with limited spacing. This allows various tasks to be performed efficiently in smaller environments. 

Common uses of telehandler skips

Telehandler skips have proven to be beneficial across a variety of industries. This includes: 

  1. Construction sites: These are often used for removing debris, rubble, and material waste from construction sites. 
  2. Agricultural applications: Telehandler skips help manage and transport seed, grain, and crops to storage areas.
  3. Waste management: These skips improve the efficiency of waste collection and segregation by disposing of waste for dumping or recycling.
  4. Industrial and manufacturing: Telehandler skips are used to transport raw materials to production lines and finished products to storage and shipping. They can also be used to remove waste. 
  5. Landscaping and horticulture: These skips transfer soil, compost, and landscaping materials across sites for ease.
  6. Emergency and disaster response: Telehandler skips help remove rubble and debris after natural disasters or building collapses. They can also transfer supplies to emergency sites. 

How to choose the right telehandler skip

Consider the type, volume, and weight of the materials you will be handling. For construction, you may require a high-tipping skip to transfer materials over walls and heights.

On the other hand, a side-tipping skip may be beneficial for industrial sites with limited spacing. 

Ensure that the skip is compatible with the lift capacity and hydraulic systems of your telehandler. Opt for durable tyres when working on tough terrains for added safety and durability. 

Invest in a telehandler skip with Forklift Skip Market

At Forklift Skip Market, we sell tipping skips that you can rely on. 

Designed with robust materials and safety mechanisms, our tipping skips offer ease of use, versatility, and longevity.

When purchasing our skips, you’re not only investing in the product but in the productivity and safety of your business. Browse our skips today or contact us for more information. 

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