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Why Choose Stainless Steel Tipping Skips?

Purchasing a stainless steel tipping skip is going to be a more expensive option than purchasing a tipping skip that has been manufactured out of regular mild steel, there is no question about it, so why outlay that extra cost?

Here are several reasons why you may want to consider using a stainless steel tipping skip in your waste handling operations;


Non Corrosive Properties

With a makeup of at least 10.5% Chromium in its structure, a stainless steel forklift skip will be a lot more anti-corrosive than its mild steel alternative due to the strong affinity Chromium has to oxygen (When normal steel is exposed to oxygen, ferric oxide is usually formed giving that 'red rust' appearance). That is not to say your shiny new stainless steel skip will never rust but it certainly has increased resistance to corrosion.

If your tipping skip is going to be exposed to environments such as seawater, then a forklift skip manufactured from stainless steel will certainly fair better than its mild steel alternative and in turn, will offer a service life far greater than its counterparts

ATEX Certification

If you are using tipping skips in a potentially hazardous and explosive atmosphere where a mix of flammable gasses or air and dust or air, dust and gasses can occur, then having a piece of equipment that helps mitigates these risks is absolutely essential. A spark caused by metal to metal contact can be a fire or explosion hazard that should be avoided at all costs

In these instances, a stainless steel tipping skip should be considered as an alternative to forklift skips that are produced from harder carbon steels.

A forklift tipping skip produced entirely from stainless steel, operating in such explosive environments also allows the equipment to be ATEX certified, as required by the EU directive 94/9/EC (more commonly known as the ATEX directive).


Where minimisation of contamination is vital in industries such as the Food & Drink, tipping skips that are manufactured from stainless steel are the ideal choice due to their corrosion resistance and pitting resistance properties. 

With very good durability and heat resistance and its ability to remain 'neutral' to food items, a stainless steel tipping skip would be considered a worthy investment in any waste handling operation within these types of industries


Did you know that stainless steel is 100% recyclable. With Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum being part of its main alloy elements, these are all highly valuable and can be easily be recovered and separated from other materials.

With its long term service life properties, your stainless steel tipping skip can be healthier and cleaner for the environment too.


We hope this blog post helps you determine if you require a stainless steel tipping skip or not - the environment in which you are using your forklift tipping skip would be the main consideration to take into account and what impact not having a skip manufactured from stainless steel would cause


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