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Maintaining Your Forklift Tipping Skip

Maintaining Your Forklift Tipping Skip

With a wide range of forklift tipping skips available on the market, it is likely that your particular forklift tipping skip is playing a vital role in helping you with your waste handling requirements.  

For this reason it is important that your forklift skip is maintained so it can keep doing the job it needs to do

 How do you go about maintaining your forklift tipping skip

The first step in maintaining your tipping skip would be to carry out a regular risk assessment, which by doing so, will identify any potential issues that may impact its safe and effective use. To carry out this risk assessment you may need to look at the wider workplace environment to highlight any potential hazards or vulnerabilities from the forklift operators perspective. By identifying who and/or what may be at risk, along with the level of risk, controls can be put in place when using the forklift tipping skip to mitigate such risks.

To ensure the forklift tipping skip is functioning as it should, it is paramount that checks are carried out on a regular basis. These checks are best carried out by the operator himself/herself as this person will have the best understanding of how the forklift tipping skip works on a daily basis along with being able to identify any loss in effectiveness or output

Some suppliers of forklift tipping skips offer formal training, and this maybe something to consider to ensure maximum functionality from your tip skip. Although your forklift tipping skips should have come with a set of operating instructions at the time of purchase, a more 'hands on' type of support could be considered.

Finally, from a legal perspective, under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998, your forklift tipping skip must be examined on an annual basis.  


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